Including text in your videos isn’t just about improving inclusivity and accessibility (though that’s reason enough alone). Adding captions to your TikTok videos increases impressions by 55.7%.

Many people visit TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube and consume content without ever turning on the sound. Cater to this audience with videos tailor-made for them.

Another trending feature is TikTok’s text-to-speech. TikTok will automatically do a voiceover for your displayed text. Some people hate the default voice, but others find it adds to the experience. If you have the capacity and resources, do your own captions with a custom voiceover.

According to you should post your TikTok videos on other platforms. For example, you can post your TikTok videos to Instagram or YouTube to influence your followers there to go check you out on TikTok. This is a fantastic method if you already have an existing following on other channels.

However, be careful about what you cross-promote on other platforms. Your hilarious dancing video on TikTok might not do so well on LinkedIn.