The Dislocated Services Program mission is to help laid-off individuals to find “suitable” re-employment. We assist people who are:

  • Laid-off  and eligible to collect Unemployment Insurance,
  • Eager to return to full-time employment,
  • Limited in re-employment options in their current field,
  • In need of occupational training to return to work, and
  • In need of intensive job search assistance to find suitable re-employment.

What we do:

  • Skills/Interest Assessment,
  • Career Planning,
  • Job Readiness Assistance,
  • Training Evaluation,
  • Training Assistance,
  • Job Development for Re-employment, and
  • Follow Up.

Our services are offered at the North Central Career Centers Leominster location for your convenience. For more information, please contact North Central Career Centers and begin your path to re-employment today!