There are grant funding options available in Massachusetts for employers to add workspace to their facility. Here are a few programs and resources that may be relevant:

Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) – The MGCC offers a range of financing options, including loan and grant programs, to help businesses with capital and equipment investments. The Small Business Technical Assistance Grant Program is a specific program that may be useful for employers looking to add workspace.

Small Business Technical Assistance Grant Program: This program provides grants of up to $50,000 to small businesses in Massachusetts for technical assistance projects, such as facility expansion or renovation.


Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD) – The MOBD offers a variety of incentives and resources for businesses looking to expand or relocate in Massachusetts, including grants for workforce training, technical assistance, and site improvements.

Workforce Training Fund Program: This program provides grants to businesses for employee training programs, including those related to facility expansion or equipment upgrades.

Massachusetts Small Business Development Center (MSBDC) – The MSBDC provides free business advising services to small businesses in Massachusetts, including guidance on facility expansion and renovation projects.

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) – The MassCEC offers grants and financing programs for businesses looking to adopt clean energy technologies, including funding for energy-efficient building upgrades and renewable energy projects.

Commonwealth Organics-to-Energy Grant Program: This program provides grants to businesses for the installation of anaerobic digestion systems to convert organic waste into clean energy.

MassDevelopment – MassDevelopment offers a range of financing programs and real estate services to support business growth and development in Massachusetts, including grants for brownfield redevelopment and infrastructure improvements.

Brownfields Redevelopment Fund: This program provides grants and loans to businesses for the cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated properties.

EOED Programs and Grants- The Executive Office of Economic Development (“EOED”) assists businesses and communities with tools and financing.

Infrastructure Investment Incentive Program (“I-Cubed”): This program provides grants to businesses for infrastructure improvements, such as road or utility upgrades, that support economic development.


*For more information on these programs and how to apply, employers should visit the respective program websites or contact the program administrators directly. It’s important to note that eligibility and application requirements for these programs vary, so businesses should research and carefully review each program’s guidelines before applying.