Career Center Services for Veterans

Local Veterans’ Employment Services Representatives and Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialists are available to serve veterans on a priority walk-in basis at the North Central Career Center.

Take full advantage of the resources available to you

Meet with your Veterans’ Employment Specialist to:

  • Receive information on state and local entitlements
  • Learn or refine job search skills
  • Critique your resume
  • Get the latest Labor Market Information
  • Be referred to jobs, training, or other veterans’ services

Think of the Career Center as “temporary office space” for your job search activities

We ask only three things in return:

  1. When you come to your first meeting, bring your DD214, copy 4.
  2. Stay in touch! Call, email or come into the Veterans’ Employment Services Unit at least bi-weekly so we know how your search is progressing and can discuss new opportunities with you.
  3. Let us know when you have become employed! Either by calling or emailing your Veterans’ Services Representative  Rick Dumont or Brian Andrews


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